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Revolution Performance Black Diamond Big Bore Kits are the most technologically advanced American V-Twin Big Bore Kits in the world. The state of the art cylinders are all aluminum construction with our proprietary Nickel Silicon Carbide plating process. Compared to the competitions cast iron cylinders, Revolution Performance big bore kits are lighter, run cooler, with 10x better wear resistance. The cylinder and the premium forged piston are made from the same material, they heat and expand at the same rate which allows for tighter tolerances and more power.

  • The most reliable way to increase power and torque on your Twin Cam engine

  • NSC plated cylinders last long and run cooler than the OEM cylinders

  • Cylinders are matched with a premium forged piston kit and a complete gasket kit

  • Black Highlight cylinders to match OEM cylinder colors

  • The 98" Bolt-On Big Bore Kit requires no other engine modifications to install, but can benefit from our other products and services

  • NEW 3,938" all aluminum Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC) plated cylinders

  • Forged 10.5"1 compression ratio dome-top piston kit or forged 9.5:1 compression ratio flat-top piston kit

  • Cometic head and base gasket kit

  • 1999-2006 88" Twin Cam Harley Davidson motorcycles

  • Balance, True, Plug and Weld Cranksahft Service

  • Stage 2 CNC Ported Cylinder Head Package

  • DynoJet Dyno Tune