The ultimate American V-Twin crankshaft service with new Ultima H-Beam Rods for the smoothest, most reliable Twin Cam crank assembly. Heavy duty Monster big bore pistons and Ultima H-Beam Rods increase in reciprocal mass of the engine and this dictates balancing of the rotational mass, the crankshaft.

  • Crank is dynamically balanced on our ultra-precise Sunnen DCB750 dynamic balancing machines

  • Upgraded Ultima H-Beam connecting rods

  • True crankshaft to .xxxxx runout or less

  • Insert new crank pin

  • Weld crank pin to prevent pin movement

  • True, plug and weld service

  • Ultima H-Beam connecting rods

  • New crank pin

  • New connecting rod bearings

  • New wrist pin bushings

  • New pinion shaft race

  • 1999-2016 Twin Cam Harley Davidson crankshafts

  • Twin Cam Monster Big Bore Kits

  • Stage 3 CNC Ported Cylinder Head Package

  • Case Boring Service

  • DynoJet Dyno Tune